6 Innovative Approaches to Training Employees

Training is important for improving an organization’s best assets – its people. Nonetheless, not all methods can yield the same benefits. That said, the rest of this article lists some of the ways to make training more innovative.

  1. Keep It Short & Sweet

This is possible through microlearning. This breaks down the training materials into smaller chunks of information that can be easily and quickly processed by the learner. Often, they are broken down into three to five-minute modules, including videos and animation. This will help to solve the potential problem of short employee attention spans. It is more engaging compared to traditional classroom training that can sometimes bore the participants.

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  1. Use Virtual Reality

Make training not only innovative but also engaging and informative using virtual reality. According to Business Insider, Walmart is one of the most popular users of virtual reality in training employees. Virtual reality allows for the simulation of real-world scenarios, making it possible for the employees to be trained on how they can or should react in specific situations. In the Walmart situation, it teaches them how to deal with the holiday rush and other similar in-store experiences.

  1. Infuse Gamification

For engaging and effective training programs, it is good to integrate gamification concepts. It will help to improve participant engagement. To implement gamification, certain structural elements need to be present in the training program, such as challenges, levels, points, rewards, and leaderboards. Participants will become more competitive and motivated if they know that their efforts will be rewarded in the end.

  1. Watch Movies

It is common for training participants to watch videos that are supposedly helpful in imparting valuable knowledge. These videos are often boring. For a different approach, it’s good to have employees watch movies that are related to the topics that will be covered in the training, making the process more immersive and entertaining.

  1. Implement One-on-One Mentorship

If the resources and time will permit, one-on-one mentorship is another innovative approach to employee training that holds a lot of promise. To make it effective, see to it that the mentor is an expert in the field. Apart from that, the mentorship process can be done face-to-face or even virtually. Through e-mentoring programs, it is possible to break geographical boundaries and save money at the same time.

  1. Implement Mobile Learning

Almost all employees probably own a smartphone. Keeping that in mind, training can be executed in the form of mobile learning and made available in a format that is easier for the learner to consume. A responsive design that provides a seamless experience depending on the trainee’s device should also be considered.

While traditional training programs have been tried and tested, it does not hurt to try something new, including the innovative training methods discussed above. They are fresh concepts that are expected to improve training engagement and effectiveness. Particularly through incorporating sessions on influencing without relying on formal power. These methods underscore the substantial value such training brings to an organization.

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