9 Tested Tips To Design The Best Box Packaging!

Product packaging has significant impact on marketing, and it goes without saying that brands must find a way to improve their standards in this department. When it comes to creating the best box packaging, many aspects must be considered, and below are 9 tested tips that will help in achieving the right objectives.

  • Start with your product. Boxes for any item must be based on the product itself. For example, a pizza delivery box would be very different from a box designed for shipping delicate glass items.
  • Know your audience. Customers have a thing for custom packaging, and knowing your target audience simplifies the whole job. You can learn the dos and don’ts from competitors and can also take people to respond to surveys.

  • Customization is the key. A buyer should be able to associate the box with the product, and that’s what effective custom packaging is all about. Make sure that customization is done at all levels, including design and print.
  • Keep changing your design. The same old box for the same product doesn’t serve the purpose in the long run, and it is necessary to change everything at least once in few years. Some brands even change packaging every year.
  • Find a good manufacturing partner. If you want to improve packaging, you have to find a good manufacturing partner, who can help with conceptualization, design, production and shipping at the same time.
  • Price is still important. Innovation comes for a price, and while brands need to focus on boxes, the price is a factor. Make sure that you work around a budget, so that you can experiment better with the designs within an upper limit.

  1. Learn from your competitors. Immediate competitors, as hinted above, can offer a good idea as how packaging should be designed. Avoid the expensive mistakes like a pro with just keeping a check.
  1. Make unboxing an experience. When it comes to boxes, you want it to be an experience. Unboxing videos surface on YouTube every other day, and these bloggers and reviewers can offer an insight on some brands are getting it right.
  1. Don’t overdo it. In the process of creating a great package or box, you don’t want to overdo the design. Every brand should consider reducing packaging waste for the sake of the planet, and remember that customers are also aware of that these days.

Follow these tips and redefine best box packaging.

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