Can We Get Treated Abroad With Health Insurance Bought In India?

How may one choose medical care outside of India?

The cost of receiving medical care outside of India might be high. Therefore, the best course of action for you and your family is to purchase comprehensive health insurance coverage. You can use your health insurance policy if you are given a diagnosis in India and decide to travel overseas for the best care.

Make sure you compare health insurance from various providers and select one that includes both travel and medical expenditures abroad.

How does having international health insurance help?

An international health insurance plan will cost you more, but the benefits of health insurance far outweigh the drawbacks. With this health plan, you can choose the best care abroad without worrying about the cost. Here are various justifications for purchasing international health insurance.

  1. Helpful in times of medical emergency: Your comprehensive global health insurance policy will cover your medical costs if you need to receive high-quality care overseas. Additionally, you should not worry about hospital fees if a medical emergency occurs while you are travelling or working in a foreign nation. You can submit a refund claim to the insurance provider once you return to India.
  1. Covers diagnostic procedures: Diagnostic procedures involving the use of cutting-edge, high-tech medical equipment can be rather pricey when you travel. But if you have a comprehensive international health insurance plan, the insurance provider will pay for these diagnostic exams. *
  1. OPD fees: If you have a minor accident or injury while travelling overseas and need a quick procedure rather than being hospitalised, the insurer will pay the costs. Having complete global health coverage that covers OPD or outpatient department charges might be helpful because even simple procedures can be extremely expensive abroad. *
  1. Additional benefits: Emergency room fees and the price of dental care abroad is also covered by a global health insurance policy. Additionally, several insurance providers provide maternity benefits. *

Considerations to make before purchasing a worldwide health insurance policy

The following considerations must be made when choosing a complete international health insurance plan coverage for treatment abroad:

  • Waiting period: Be sure to carefully read the policy materials to understand all of the terms and circumstances. For instance, only accidents are covered during the initial 30-day waiting period, which is common for health insurance contracts. Some insurance plans have a two-year waiting period before covering procedures, while three to four years pass before covering pre-existing conditions. *
  • Payment of the premium: Verify the premium amount and select a workable solution. Check the frequency of premium payments as well; these can occur monthly, annually, or semi-annually. *
  • Inclusions and exclusions: Examine the insurance’s inclusions and exclusions before choosing an international health insurance plan policy. Better coverage in India and other countries will result from this. *
  • Network hospitals: Choose an insurance provider with a big list of network hospitals. You can receive care in an emergency at a network hospital and avoid the headaches of making a reimbursement claim. *
  • Claim process: Learn how to claim the health insurance procedure of the insurance provider and look at their claim settlement percentage. Pick a business with a high ratio of claim settlements. *

Documents needed for receiving medical care abroad

  • The visa and your passport
  • A visitor’s passport and visa
  • Evidence of your connection to the attendant
  • Documentation of your home address
  • The health insurance you have
  • All documents and medical reports pertaining to your health condition
  • The location of the recommended hospital abroad
  • A folder or file containing copies of all of your documents.

If you frequently travel internationally or wish to travel for medical reasons, investing in a complete international health insurance plan policy is a good decision.

* Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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