Discover The Power Of Business Portraits For Representing People!

People make a difference. As an entrepreneur, you must recognize the work of those who have turned your company into a brand, and this recognition must be public. Taking photos of the top brass, performing employees is necessary, but obviously, you cannot take photos with a random DSLR or mobile camera. That’s where corporate photography fits in. They specialize in taking business portraits and headshots, and in this post, we are discussing all the aspects related to portraits in particular.

Is a business portrait same as a headshot?

No. Think of business portraits as a representation of personality rather than a face. For instance, if you have a marketing manager who has come up with new ideas, you want them to have a photo that brings out their creative side. In case of business portraits, it is all about that. Headshots are more generic and require a lot less work for the photographer, which is why the charge for each person is also a lot lower. In most cases, business portraits are used for magazines, company brochures, special profiles, and company websites, whereas headshots are more typically used for ABOUT US pages, LinkedIn profiles and so on.

With business portraits, photographers have a lot more flexibility and freedom to think of the background, lighting and other aspects. On the other hand, headshots are also professionally taken, but the generic norms are rather the same.

Getting business portraits done

If you want to hire a corporate photographer for business portraits near me, you have to consider their work in this category. Check their profile and find more on the clients they have worked for. Don’t rely on verbal commitments alone, and ask them how and where they will shoot the business portraits. If you don’t have a big office, business portraits can be shot at a studio or even outdoors, so allow the concerned photographer to come up with ideas. The costing is important, but if the volume of work is huge and you don’t mind paying a tad more, hire a service that has experience and will deliver on time. Ask them about their studio, if they have one, and don’t shy away from seeking references.

With a good team at work, business portraits can be taken creatively and will be a big boost for every employee who has been working hard. This is a business expense that must be considered for the brand itself.

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