Do You Need Restaurant Linens?

You can change your bottom line in a day simply by adding linens or cloth napkins instead of paper. One study conducted by Milliken & Company showed that most U.S. restaurant customers liked to use cloth instead of paper when using restaurant napkins. In fact, reports indicated that consumers gladly paid more for entrées when tables displayed linen napkins and tablecloths.

In addition, survey results showed that 77% of customers noticed how a table was set when they visited a restaurant. According to research, consumers who dined in restaurants that displayed linen napkins said that they associated the use of cloth with an enhanced restaurant appearance and ambiance.

Also, most diners related the use of cloth with better food quality and better service. About 85% of restaurant-goers in the study said that the use of cloth underscored the restaurant’s concern for the environment.

Making a Better Impression in the Restaurant Trade

Needless to say, when you use a commercial laundry service to supply your restaurant with cloth tablecloths and napkins, you create a much better impression that will bring customers to your door time and again.

Reduce Distracting Noises

Not only do cloth napkins and tablecloths increase your profits but they also reduce the surrounding noise. In turn, customers can hold conversations and enjoy the overall environment even more. Do you really want your customers to be subjected to excess noise? If so, you need to add cloth tablecloths and napkins to quash those additional sounds.

Better Hygiene for Your Establishment

Whilst you may consider a bare table hygienic, table linens make the table much more sanitary. Tables without tablecloths serve as breeding grounds for microscopic and harmful bacteria. Each time a new party comes into dine, the wait staff changes the linens, thereby making everything more sanitary and convenient.

Prevent a Small Catastrophe

Envision this — a glass of wine spills over a bare table and easily flows over the table. The spill ruins the apparel of the diners and spoils what could have been a nice evening. If a glass of wine topples over a table with linen, the cloth absorbs the wine and prevents it from spreading and dripping. This type of event can happen unexpectedly. Therefore, it pays to be prepared.

A Great Value for the Money

When you consider that diners use as many as three paper napkins at each meal, linen napkins present a good value. One premium commercial-grade cloth napkin goes through 75 launderings before it needs replacement. If you use 145 cloth napkins, you will prevent 32,401 napkins from being destroyed.

Boost Your Reputation in the Hospitality Trade

If you want to boost your reputation and invest wisely, you simply cannot overlook the value of cloth napkins and tablecloths. By working with a linen supplier and cleaning company, you will gain a competitive advantage regardless of whether you host fine dining customers or feature a pub menu. Linen tablecloths and napkins create an impression that extends to customers as well as proprietors. Make a change for the better by using linen tablecloths and napkins.

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