Five Common Commercial Building Repair Issues that Must Addressed Right Away

Owning a meal building offers many benefits. Low maintenance is one of those at the top of the list. However, low maintenance does not mean zero maintenance. With exposure to the elements, metal buildings can experience several issues. This makes it important to inspect the buildings regularly.

Below are the most common metal building repair issues the inspector can reveal:


Scratches can seem like normal wear and tear but they should not be ignored. Leaving scratches untreated can cause your steel panel to quickly become corroded and jeopardize your building’s integrity. Repairing a building with scratches in a timely manner will prevent the corrosion from progressing and keep the building in its perfect form.


In metal buildings, bends can occur because of a forklift backing into the side or snow that has accumulated on the roof. Whatever caused the bends, they can lead to leaks within the building. Ignoring these bends could cause the foundation to deteriorate and become damaged.

Damaged Panels

Depending on the thickness, size, and material used for making the panels, as well as the extent of the damage, it is possible to either repair or replace metal building panels. Often, small damage like bumps and dents are evened out; however, bigger scale damage is not worth it. In such situations, professionals recommend replacing all affected panels.

Component and Wall Issues

Garages and metal buildings on farms as well as commercial buildings can be prone to being crushed by a vehicle losing control. Thus, commercial building repair and replacements can be necessary to fix crashed walls or components.


Any holes found in the building must be addressed immediately because they allow moisture to penetrate inside the building walls. Keep in mind that moisture can hinder the longevity of buildings. Additionally, it can result in corrosion, mold, and reduced appeal. No matter how small these holes are, they must be fixed right away.

In order to efficiently and effectively maintain a commercial metal building, it is important to learn to spot the signs of problems. Metal building repair requires the use of specialized equipment and skills. As a building owner, you want to coordinate your maintenance plan with an expert to eliminate the burden of guesswork.

Handling small repairs such as patching up or replacing rusted areas can go a long way to expand the life of your metal building. Also, roof repair tasks combined with roofing upgrades can provide your metal building with a stronger chance against the wrath of nature.

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