Five Things you Should Know about Mobile Shredding Services

A lot of clerical workers have to go to the office spreader every day. But, your in-house shredder doesn’t fully ensure the information contained in the documents is safe. Even if the paper is shred, people can still read the paper strips. Instead of spending money on a shredding machine, why not hire a professional shredding service provider? If you haven’t thought about hiring a mobile shredding service, here are important things you should know:

They Shred Paper in a Way that is Unreadable

A lot of businesses use shredders that shred paper in long strips. But, this kind of shredding is not secure since savvy thieves can piece these shreds together. With the services of a shredding company, you can be sure your documents won’t be readable anymore after shredding. Shredding companies use cross-cut blades to produce paperwork that comes out in the form of confetti which cannot be piece together in any way.

They Certify their Work

With Houston shredding services, you can choose to watch the professionals do their shredding job or get the certificate of destruction from them. This certification ensures that the company has done their job as you expected. You know what has been shred and where the shredding company recycled the waste. This means data compromise won’t be possible.

They Have Insurance

To protect their clients, shredding companies carry insurance. Their insurance policy protects your business in case there is a problem with any of your document. If you want to take advantage of this perk, choose a shredder that has insurance. Keep in mind that you have the right to know how far the company will protect their process.

They Provide Locked Containers

Typically, reputable shredders provide their clients with locked containers. These containers offer your employees a place to safely keep discarded documents. They can be opened only when it is time for shredding. Being locked, these containers give you peace of mind between appointments. If your facility tends to produce a big volume of paperwork to be discarded, request the shredder to send out more containers.

They Recycle your Waste

Any shredded paper will not be sent to a landfill. If you hire an eco-conscious shredding company, you can be sure your waste ends up in a recycling facility. In this plant, the shredded paper will be turned into pulp. This pulp is made into recycled paper and other products. With the services of a shredding company, you get your paper destroyed while you help promote sustainability.

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