Four Industries that Can Greatly Benefit from Flange Spreaders

Any job requires the use of the right tools to be successful. A flange spreader helps in repairing pipes easily and safely. It works by separating or opening up flanges used for connecting two pipes together. Over time, flanges will start to rust which makes it difficult to maintain the pipe. But, this problem can be solved with flange spreaders. Although any industry can use this tool in their daily pipe repairs and maintenance, the following industries can get the most benefits from flange spreaders:

Oil and Gas Industry

Gaskets on pipes like oil pipelines don’t last forever. Over time, they need to be replaced with new ones. But, this is usually a challenging task. For instance, switching out a gasket in the middle of the pipe is not easy. This is where flange spreader can come in handy. With this tool, removing old gaskets, cleaning the joints, and installing new gaskets become easier and safer.

Plumbing Industry

Flange spreaders are commonly used in the plumbing industry. The valve out flange spreader is the most commonly used tool for changing gaskets. Also, it is used for removing valves, spools, joints, and disks. This kind of flange spreader could be useful when replacing valves in water storage tanks. A lot of manufacturing facilities make use of these tanks for storing water and other liquids. Without the flange spreader, replacing valves in storage tanks would be time-consuming, costly, and hard.

Emergency Response Industry

Emergency personnel and first responders use flange spreaders. A lot of police officers, firefighters, and medics use the tool for opening damaged car doors, trunks, and engine compartments quickly and safely. In this industry, the use of the term “jaws of life” in responding to car accidents refers to the use of a flange spreader.

Construction Industry

Flange spreaders are used when concrete is being moved or used. Poured concrete barrier or pad on a site may be better off being moved instead of destroyed. By making cracks and using flange spreaders to grip chunks and transport them elsewhere, workers do not have to destroy the structure in place.

Flange spreaders are important tools that can be used in various applications. They have many purposes and offer benefits to users. Industries use them to reduce labor costs, increase safety, and minimize the time spent by workers when doing their job. They are available in many stores in various models.

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