Get Familiar with Affordable Luxury Product Packaging Techniques

Appropriate packaging is crucial for consumer unboxing experience. If it is a luxury product then obviously its external packing needs to reflect the product standard that customers expect to discover within. Nevertheless, balancing luxury with cost can be challenging. Luxury brand and products demand meticulous packaging strategy incorporating brand guidelines but can it be affordable?

There are several ways to obtain affordable retail packaging boxes suitable for your project. Printing packaging can help to decrease overall cost without any compromise on luxurious look.

Techniques to get high end packaging look for low cost

Printing techniques rather than exotic substrates

Texture is the first thing brand marketers envision in luxury packaging. As they wish their brand to grab attention, several choose exotic substrates to get the desired feel and rich look. Embossing & debossing, reticulation, gloss, soft-touch and other packaging effects offers a compelling look but the exotic material cost is high. On the other hand, you can obtain same feel and appearance using printing technique but at low cost.

Simple and inspirational high-end packaging

‘Less is more’, so instead of going extravagant with luxurious packaging design, pick a single important element for high impact. It allows you to adjust some budget on special printing techniques as well as use more cost-effective design on the remaining box.


It is also a vital factor in packaging design. Wrong color can take you on an opposite direction but an appropriate one will help to associate with target audience. Color is also an affordable technique that helps to label your product as a luxury brand.

White background including a single specific color makes bold statement. Black with metallic lettering or glitter coating instantly makes packaging design appear glossy and luxurious. Colors can even be applied to set apart your different product lines.


Coatings make the box instantly noticeable. Metallic, glitter, and high-gloss coatings make bold statement. Simple ones offer the packaging design very unique look but in an affordable manner. Make sure to get distinguishable effects from the coating you select for luxury packaging design.

Other aspects to consider for reducing cost

Void fill is necessary, when stock boxes are used. They are a little large. Void fill prevents products from moving, while in transit. It is another cost in terms of time spent by packer’s team to fill the void, thus reducing productivity. In addition, the extra weight needs to be paid for while shipping. Unfortunately, the customers will just throw it away. Fortunately, customised box designs including integrated locaters and cradles to hold the item in place while transit allows to eliminate the need for void fill.

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