Helping Your Garage To Save Money On The Cost Of Your Consumables

When you are a garage owner, and you are worried about increasing costs for your business, you will want to do everything you can to try and reduce them. You can do various things to help reduce your overheads, such as changing your utility supplier and shopping around for the consumables you need to run your business. Everything seems to be increasing currently, and many people are worried about the cost of energy and making sacrifices in other areas to ensure they can pay their energy bills. Below are some tips to help you reduce the cost of the consumables your business uses regularly and take some of the pressure off you running your business.

Have A Look At Your Records

You will want to go over your records for the last 12 months and look at he invoices where you bought consumables for your business. It will give you a complete list of everything your business purchases regularly, and you can use this to create a spreadsheet for everything you need to purchase. Ensure you do not leave anything out, and you will want to include everything from toilet supplies, engine oil, to stationery.

You will want a separate page for each of the items you purchase in your spreadsheet, such as aluminium cleaner, degreaser, bleach, stationery, toilet aper, and anything else you buy. You can then list the last price you paid and from which supplier and include the delivery charges if any. Once you have completed your spreadsheet, it is time to start looking at different suppliers for everything you need to keep your business running.

Start Shopping Around

You will want to start working through each product listed on your spreadsheet and find the best price for the products you need to purchase. You will want to find multiple suppliers for each item you need, ensure you include available discounts and delivery charges, and add this information to your list. You will need to do this for each thing you want to purchase, and once you are done, you can look at each item on your spreadsheet and see who the cheapest supplier is.

Consider Buying In Bulk

You can often make savings in the items you purchase when you buy them in bulk, as long as you have room to store them in your garage. If possible, consider buying everything you need for a year in one go, offering you a lower unit price and providing savings on the delivery costs of your order. However, buying everything you need for a year in one go is not suitable for all businesses, as storage space is often limited and can also be a sizeable investment for your business.

You can now place your order for what you need to purchase, confident that you are getting the best possible price and saving your business money. Ensure that you regularly update the prices in your spreadsheet, which will not take long, and you will always know where to go to get the best deals on what you need to buy for your business.

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