How to Design an E-Commerce Store with Beginning Design Knowledge

If you are starting an e-commerce store for the first time, then you might be worried that you don’t have enough design knowledge to make a site that will actually end up helping your customers and will make them convert. Luckily, you don’t need extensive coding knowledge or design knowledge in order to bring in the sales that you would like.

Here is how to create an e-commerce store that you feel proud of promoting and that brings in sales for you.

Research your name

Your e-commerce store name can say a lot about the type of business you run and who you want to attract to your business. You also want to make sure that it is not too close to your competitors’ names. Not only can this cause some confusion, but it can also end up causing legal trouble down the line if you are taking away business from them based on brand recognition. Your name can also be hard to change, so it’s worth it to look into finding the right one for you.

Consider your branding

Branding says a lot about what you are going to offer customers, so you will want to spend some time making sure you get it right. This can come down to what types of fonts you use, the colors you choose, your tagline, and anything else you want to share in order to build a story around your business. If you feel uncomfortable with this, you can always hire someone to come up with basic brand elements so your site has everything it needs to look good an entice customers.

Get designing

You’re then going to want to think about how you are going to design your store and how you can dive into the process. Choosing a template can be super helpful, or a method like headless commerce can allow you to make design decisions without having to change the entire backend of your website. This can keep it from crashing and causing huge problems when you might be playing with certain plugins or features or allow you to return to a previous design in case you end up making a mistake that you don’t like.

Run tests

If you feel like you have your site in a good place and it might be ready for customers, you’re going to have to do some in-depth testing in order to see if everything runs smoothly once people actually land on your website. This might include asking people with different screen sizes and browsers to visit a variety of pages on your site in order to see what works and what might need a bit more revision before you get ready to launch it to the world.

In summary

You don’t have to be a professional web designer in order to make a quality e-commerce store for your business, and you can often do it with some basic knowledge. Following these tips, you’ll end up with a site that requires little effort and brings in sales.

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