Managed Network Management Services That Accelerate Networks

Apcela is a professional company with over ten years of experience accelerating networks and applications with a drive to help its customers to achieve the highest level of security and excellence. The company comprises a team of qualified, passionate operators and architects who deliver excellent service together. An accelerated network and application work effectively to achieve the objectives of its installation in the first place. Professionals provide several managed network solutions services, enabling their customers to go faster. The different managed network solutions that clients benefit from include the following:

SD-WAN management

Apcela’s SD-WAN provides a fast and reliable approach to getting a secure and cloud-connected overlay that improves the application and system performance while reducing the entire process’s costs and headaches. SD-WAN management enables clients to minimize their MPLS spend, provide application-aware routing, and eliminate the complexity of managing the network using SD-WAN. The managed network solutions have several features that enable them to function well, including application awareness, integrated security, cloud optimization, zero-touch provisioning, cost reduction, and deep insight. The features come with maximum benefits to the client, making them cherish the decision to use the systems. Additionally, a team of Apcela professionals is always available to guide the client whenever they encounter any challenge with the networks or applications.

Managed network services

The managed network solutions provided by Apcela have enabled some of the world’s most advanced and dynamic businesses to transform most of their services and, generally, their business. It is important to note that every managed network provider gets created differently, especially those associated with the cloud. Everything gets handled professionally so that the client’s needs get addressed to achieve excellence.

Cloud acceleration

The managed network solutions service provider footprints get based on the carrier-neutral data centers located along cloud applications and infrastructure providers. The connection with the high-performance and low-latency backbone makes the cloud application have a performance that meets and surpasses the client’s expectations. The service offered enables the networks and applications to match the speeds with workloads and connect with different providers like Microsoft and AWS in different and numerous locations. Professionals get the heavy cloud lifting to optimize their hybrid IT environment.

Managed cloud security

Data security is vital to achieving business and other enterprises’ excellence without any leakages that could leave them vulnerable to unauthorized access. Security is a critical factor for applications, and when they are appropriately managed, it is easy and reliable to move from the data center into the cloud. The managed network solutions enable customers to move their security environments into the cloud, pushing the NGFW, IDS/IPS, SWG, DLP, and CASB to the edge. The cloud security features offered by Apcela include Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), Intrusion Detection/Protection (IDS/IPS), Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation (DDoS), Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) and Security Information Event Management (SIEM). The different features offer immense benefits to the system, ensuring that the required security levels are met without any challenges or setbacks.

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