Mark Hauser Leads Hauser Private Equity to Its Second Successful IPO in 2021

A national provider of body sculpting services, AirSculpt Technologies, Inc., has emerged as an industry leader thanks to its patented noninvasive “AirSculpt” technology and methodology. Operating under the brand name Elite Body Sculpture, the company has performed more than 25,000 AirSculpt procedures. It has headquarters in Miami, Florida, and supports a network of seven facilities that span the states of California, New York, Illinois, Texas, and Georgia.

On November 2, 2021, AirSculpt Technologies announced the closing of its initial public offering (IPO) on The Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ). The company would have never accomplished this IPO without the financial support, administrative oversight, and majority interests of its two angel investors Vesey Street Capital Partners and Hauser Private Equity.

These two private equity firms joined forces in 2019 to acquire AirSculpt Technologies and prepare it for the expansion that only an IPO can provide. Hauser Private Equity managing partner Mark Hauser helped to lead AirSculpt Technologies to a whole new level of business development by adhering to the strict operational strategies that have driven the success of his firm for well over a decade.

Focusing on value creation as his fundamental goal, Mark Hauser has employed a thorough vetting process to eliminate less promising investment prospects and build an exceptional portfolio of Hauser Private Equity companies. With offices in Cincinnati, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Hauser Private Equity serves as a fund manager and co-investor with a wide variety of founder-led companies that fall into the middle market and lower-middle market categories. Concentrating primarily on early-stage startups, Hauser works closely with its founders to retain the core principles of its success while dramatically expanding its market presence and profit potential. Over the years, these strategies have worked incredibly well for Hauser Private Equity, garnering a long list of prestigious honors and awards for both the firm and its individual fund managers.

An ideal company to benefit from Mark Hauser’s involvement, the early-stage AirSculpt Technologies offered a unique competitive advantage thanks to its proprietary body contouring equipment and methodology. The AirSculpt procedure has a proven ability to produce outstanding results without the highly invasive incisions and suturing that are common to most aesthetic corrections of this nature. In fact, AirSculpt is virtually painless, produces significantly less bruising, and allows for considerably shorter patient recovery times when compared with other prevalent modern body sculpting methods. Even better, Elite Body Sculpture facilities allow patients to undergo the AirSculpt procedure in a highly relaxed environment that stresses both physical comfort and emotional security.

The initial pricing of the AirSculpt Technologies IPO was $11 per share, and the company began trading on the NASDAQ in October under the symbol “AIRS.” Its 7,000,000-share offering consisted of 2,173,913 shares of common stock issued by the company itself and 4,826,087 shares of common stock controlled by independent brokers and sellers.

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