Promotional Tote Bags: Top Ideas and Designs

Promotional tote bags are increasingly becoming popular as a company giveaway because they are practical. Apart from functionality, tote bags are also cheap and won’t cost the company much. Giving them away to customers and employees also helps the company’s image and reinforces concern for reducing waste. There are different types of promotional tote bags you can get for your company. Some of the best options are the following.

Non-woven shopping tote bags

The most inexpensive option you can select is branded shopping tote bags you can buy in bulk from several suppliers. If it is your company’s first time to give away promotional tote bags, non-woven shopping bags are an excellent starting point.

Customised laminated non-woven shopping bags

A big grocery shopping bag made with non-woven, laminated material is an excellent choice if you are looking for something more spacious which can hold heavier and bigger items. The design can vary from one supplier to another, and big shopping bags typically come with built-in pockets for extra space. With a customised shopping bag, you have the leeway to design your own tote bag and have your company logo printed on the front. Since the material is laminated, it is also water resistant and great for carrying all kinds of shopping.

Cotton boat tote bag

Canvas or cotton promotional tote bags are generally pricier, so it is not the best choice given away as a promotional item to customers. However, it is an excellent idea as an employee or client gift during special company events. A boat tote bag made of cotton or canvas is a stylish choice and is also made using natural material, making it eco-friendly.

Clear tote bag

A clear tote bag is undoubtedly an unusual choice but is a great promotional idea nonetheless. Your company logo will be prominently displayed on the front of the bag. Aside from grocery shopping, clear tote bags are casual enough to take to the beach or a garden picnic.

Promotional zippered tote bag made using 100% recycled materials

If your company wants to be more serious about saving the environment, some suppliers produce tote bags using 100% recycled materials. Since the bags also have a zipper, they are secure enough to be used as a casual bag to carry valuables.

Carry-all cotton tote bag

One of the most versatile styles to choose as a promotional item for any company is a carry-all tote bag made of cotton or canvas. If possible, select a supplier that uses 100% natural and organic cotton. A tote bag with cord handles and a large bottom is an excellent giveaway which will hold a lot of items when used for grocery shopping.

Woven totes with accent trim

Woven totes are typically made with polypropylene which is a lightweight material. Simple shopping bags with accent trims are an excellent choice if you want to display your company’s logo prominently. There are many colours and sizes to choose from, and you can easily customise the tote bag according to the needs of your company.


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