Recognizing the Hazards Associated with Outdated Software

The prevalence of outdated software is undeniable. In certain instances, it stems from a sense of familiarity, as employees opt for older tools that consistently deliver expected results. Alternatively, it may be driven by cost considerations, as a complete replacement of outdated software can incur significant expenses, and substantial updates may result in time lost and reduced productivity as employees navigate new features.

However, persisting with outdated technology can give rise to fresh challenges. Take, for instance, the cancellation of over 15,000 Southwest Airlines flights in December 2022. The culprit? Outdated scheduling software that couldn’t cope with the surge in demand following a major winter storm. The consequences? Frustrated passengers and a substantial loss in revenue.

Such incidents highlight just one facet of the problems associated with legacy tools. Here are some of the key risks tied to the use of outdated software.

Infographic created by Black Line IT, provider of IT infrastructure services Illinois

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