SEO Functionality and Importance

Search Engine Optimization is a great tool that has benefited several industries throughout the globe. When we discuss about the global markets coming at a single platform, it’s an acknowledged fact that people browse internet and take decisions depending on their research.

Today, if your company or product does not have an online presence, it is difficult to promote it. Nevertheless, the success or failure of product or a service now completely depends on your online presence and Google ranking.

SEO in comparison to Print Media

Every media is important; every marketing strategy has its own relevance. It depends on the customer demographics and market volatility. Few markets function solely on brick and mortar model that requires the customers to visit and have a personal interaction.

Few emerging markets have broken the physical barrier and are working excellent on the online platform. Therefore, print media has its own significance that boosts up the confidence and brings faith to your product; SEO reassures and confirms the customer that acts as a guiding tool.

So, if the customer shall make up his/her mind to buy the product post print media advertisement, he shall confirm the decision only once it gets approved on the social media platform.

SEO Supports the Power of Continuity

Consumer behavior suggests that continuity in information sharing always helps the customer to have a greater recall value. If you release an advertisement once a year and incur huge expenses on it, you might not get benefits from the marketing promo as did not repeat the advertisements within the required span of time.

In the complex world today, it gets very important that the customers should be repeatedly touched with banners, call outs, images, videos, success stories, client speak, testimonials etc. so that when the customer prepares to actually buy the product your organization is at the top of the mind.

Continuity and repetitiveness can be well assured only through the EO mechanism. Be at email marketing, blogging, Social media presence, digital marketing techniques, SEO ensures that customer is reminded on your products quite frequently.

SEO introduces creativity at its best

Have you ever seen a three-year-old kid laughing and giggling watching a YouTube video? Changing demographics and mindset of people have made the researchers wonder what is prompting people to allow their children access social media and share the screen space?

It can be knowledge, entertainment, songs, videos, movies or even alphabet and numeral tutorials! When online market goes beyond the decision makers, SEO plays an important role in introducing the product or the service to the actual user or buyer of the product.

So, if you deal in baby products, SEO can be as creative as making your customer sing and play on the tune or video introduced, thereby making the parents actually buy your product or service. Companies like Marccx Media can help you in this endeavor.

SEO and Google

Many people question the importance and relevance of Google for SEO. Google seems to be an undisputed search engine, that captures a major market worldwide. Majority of people browse google as the first choice so SEO techniques using Google platform is surely a must.

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