Shared Office (Coworking) Spaces For Rent

Coworking is a shared office where professionals from different areas can share their workspace. It is prevalent among freelancers or professionals linked to companies with an innovative profile, such as startups; it has also been gaining adherents of more traditional sectors, including large companies.

Collaborative spaces generally offer work tables, meeting rooms, and social spaces, but many also bet on creating solid networks of contacts, promoting networking events. The prices are usually lower than those for virtual offices or for renting your own office space. Although they have a higher cost than the home office, this value ends up being seen as an investment in the company.

Furthermore, coworking is also considered a cultural movement. A form of expression of an entrepreneurial generation that values ​​concepts such as shared economy, sustainability, and co-creation.


Opportunity To Make New Contacts

Working in a shared space where different areas are brought together can open the door to new partnerships. You are in an environment surrounded by potential customers, partners, or suppliers. Suitable spaces also maintain living areas, where you end up getting to know your colleagues and can resolve that quick question about a contract, have a sincere opinion about the look of your website, or even have an excellent insight into the future of your company.

No Worries About Maintenance

The shared offices have frequent cleaning and professionals who take care of the organization of the environment, so there is no need to spend time on daily space maintenance activities. The administrators also resolve issues such as clogged toilets, purchasing materials, cleaning, paying electricity and water bills, solving problems with the telephone operator, leaks, and all other things that require a lot of patience. The everyday and community use areas have well-defined use policies. Coworkers are instructed to wash their dishes and take care of food and snacks stored in cupboards and refrigerators.

Zero Bureaucracy, It’s Come And Go.

Unlike when you rent a commercial office with a real estate agency, the bureaucracy is almost zero in a shared office. You can probably start work the same day you visit the place. Contracts generally offer an option with or without a loyalty period, and no guarantor or insurance is needed. Another advantage of collaborative spaces is the flexible plans. You can choose to settle and pay only a few days a week or a few occasional hours.


That’s a tricky little word. In practice, it means that you are not always stuck in the same structure that you initially hired. Overnight, your company can eventually move from a shared chair to a private room for a team of 10 or 15 people, for example. It also manages to reduce the contracted space; in case your project decreases in scope.

Shared Office: An Alternative Model

Most coworking spaces from 620 N LaSalle invest in a relaxed look for the environment. It is the type of decoration that would be too expensive for a home office and is far from the profile of a traditional office. Many spaces use the open space concept, made famous by technology companies like Google and Facebook. Some spaces offer a coffee machine, beer cooler, fruit, and other facilities.

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