The Applications of Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is today a safe and popular method of digging. It uses high-pressure water to excavate and minimizes the risk of causing damages. This method involves the use of pressurized water to remove or move soil. Not only that, but it also includes a vacuum used in transferring the soil to the debris tank.

How it works alone makes it non-destructive and more accurate. With this, it has become a popular option for locating underground utilities and excavating soil. It is also fast, efficient, and enables users to save time. This is true, especially when numerous test holes must be completed as soon as possible. It has become a top preference in vacuum excavation because it can handle a lot of soil.

So, what are some of the specific application areas of hydro excavation? Here are some of them in detail. 

Spotting Utility Lines

Spotting utility lines is one of the prominent situations that require hydro excavation. Also, as potholing of daylighting, hydro excavation is essential in searching and locating underground utilities. This technique will deliver the best results for any digging or construction work in populated zones with many utilities. It is less destructive on soil and saves time and money at the end of it all.

Easy Excavation in Cold Weather

It is usually challenging to dig in frozen soil. Cold weather will freeze soil, making it hard in the process. And those are some of the incidences when a hydro-vac can come in handy. These machines use a pressurized stream of heated waters to dig the icy cold ground.

Draining Excess Water

The hydro excavation also makes it easier to deal with excess water. This is true, especially in areas with quickly melting icy waters. Its speed and efficiency combine to make the whole process stress-free and easy.

Slot Trenching

In digging holes, hydro excavation can deliver the best results in half the number of traditional methods. Whether the holes are for utility poles or anything else, this method will provide the shortest time possible. Not only that but using the hydro excavation will reduce any chances of damaging underground utilities.

Debris Collection

Another application area for hydro excavators is debris collection. The technique allows for the adequate supply and suitable disposal of the debris. Thanks to the attached storage tank that collects the trash in the process.

Final Words

Hydro excavation has become a popular method in the digging sector simply due to its endless benefits. For one, the process is safe in protecting people and reducing damages. It is environment friendly as it is less intrusive and meets most company’s ESG standards. No other method can deliver to this level.

Another benefit of using this technique is that it is precise. It is more brilliant, accurate and can dig slots or find underground utilities without damaging anything. This level of accuracy is required when exploring obstructions to avoid hitting or puncturing them in the process. The process also speeds up projects turnaround times and saves money in the process.

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