The Common Types of Barrier Walls

There are several barrier walls out there that sometimes it may be impossible for someone to decide what they want. The following article will provide information on the most common types of barrier walls. Keep reading to learn more.

Noise Block Barrier Walls

One of the most overlooked parts of any design process is commercial or environmental noise control. Designers and architects must incorporate this acoustical system as part of OSHA standards.

The walls are perfect for noise control for mechanical equipment, Industrial manufacturing equipment, electrical substations, among others.

They are custom engineered with double-wall panels. They are quick and easy to install, even for amateurs. The walls also come in different designs. They are also made of powdered factory finishes with standard colors.

The structural performance of these walls is according to IBC building codes, standards, and guidelines.

Another similar wall is freeway noise barriers which are used to protect neighborhoods against noise from the freeways.

Temporary Barrier Walls

Temporary barrier walls are one of the important safety features that save motorists on the road. As the name sounds, the walls are used as a temporary feature when there is temporary work or as a defense feature against flood. The walls are also used as vehicle security barriers (VSBs). They can also be used as hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM).

The walls are mostly installed by a contractor approved by a highway Agency.

The walls have many uses, directing traffic, security features against terrorist attacks, and providing a safe working area.

Krail Barrier Wall

Krail Barrier walls consist of a wide base design that is 18 inches in size. Its top has a half-width of 9 inches that allows the car’s tires to slide back over the slope, to the ground, then on to the right direction. The barrier walls are mostly used in temporary situations such as directing traffic, perimeter security, and construction zones.

Another type of barrier wall similar to Krail is the jersey barrier wall, which stands at 32 inches with a base of 24 inches. Like Krail, the wall is mostly used by the transportation department to direct traffic or protect pedestrians and motorists on highways that are under construction.

Low Profile Barrier Wall

Low-profile barrier walls, also known as a low pro, are used to protect a fence against any damage from a trailer. The height of the wall is mostly between 18 to 20 inches. The walls are used in work zones with a low speed of not more than 45mph.

Single-skin Metal Wall Panels

Single skin metal wall panels offer a three-in-one combination of economy, amazing service, and excellent design. Because of this, the walls have existed for decades serving both designers and architects.

With the advancement in technology, the walls designed have been improved, offering multiple design options. The new coating technology means that the panels have a longer life span hence saving on maintenance costs.

There are two types of single skin metal walls, insulated, with both the interior and exterior liners, and uninsulated.

The newer versions of the walls exist in different colors and textures. They included corrugated, batten, integral batten, among others.

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