What Makes the Best (Cheapest) Works Night Out at Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas time one of the most anticipated nights of the year is the office Christmas party. There are always plenty of stories to tell the morning after; from whom got the most drunk, who danced away without a care in the world, and who pulled whom at the end of the night? You should always be careful when it comes to drinking at the works Christmas party, and in terms of cost there are a few different things to consider should you be responsible for arranging it.

Pre Drinks in the Office

Wherever you decide to go for the night out itself, if you are having it on a day where your employees are in work, why not have pre-drinks, snacks and games at the office? This can help people to relax together, and to be open and have fun in a place that usually wouldn’t allow it! It also lowers the costs, as you can invite employees to bring their own drinks in to work and store them throughout the day in the communal areas. If you choose to treat staff to drinks and snacks, this is a much cheaper way to do so than to buy a round of drink or a meal when out for the night.

To Book a Venue or Not?

There are a few options here, including not booking anywhere at all and deciding to create a makeshift dance floor in the workplace, bring in a load of bulk-bought drinks and snacks, and just have the party in work. But then who wants to spend their downtime in the same place that they have to work hard every day the rest of the year?! Research well in advance and look at whether it is cost effective to book out an entire venue for your team, or whether you can book a meal/activity/event with good discounted packages for large groups.

Advance Booking for Travel

Booking travel to and from the night out can save a lot of money. It is also a very nice gesture if you have enough of a budget to do so, to pay for the travel of your employees one way for the night, most likely this makes most sense from the workplace and to the night out. Travel costs can be expensive, especially if you are looking to find a taxi late at night after a night out. Take the stress and the cost away by booking in advance, and you might be able to get a group discount in the process.

Book a Night Out For After New Year

One of the cheapest ways to have a Christmas works night out is to have it after Christmas. It can be a real struggle to find anywhere to go to in December, especially if you have a large group of staff to take out. Why not reduce the cost by booking for January. It also provides your employees with something to look forward to in an otherwise drab month of the year.

Finding the best (and cheapest) works night out at Christmas can be a real struggle but it is achievable, without having to resort to seeking further financial assistance.

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